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Plot Bunnies Incorporated

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Anybody , Moderated
This community is a writing group; a collection of people interested in writing challenges, researching the fine art of writing, and betaing each other's work. This is a place where you can go to get and share ideas about the act of writing.

1. You may post on any challenge issued no matter how old or young, however you must include the name of the challenge in the post.
2. Each challenge is to be based on stimulating creativity or the improvement of writing skills.
3. Original worlds, fanfiction, poetry, and any other types of writing are welcome. If your work contains material that is unsuitable for underage members a warning must be displayed in the subject line.
4. Constructive feedback is welcome and encouraged, however no flames will be tolerated.
5. If you are going to post your story in sections put up some way for people coming in late to find the other parts.
6. Challenges can be posted by any member of the community who has answered at least one challenge in the past two months. To post a challenge you must submit your answer to the challenge at the same time. In addition every other Saturday there will be a challenge posted by the mod who will also attempt to post a response when the challenge goes up.
7. A story must be at least drabble size (100 words) if you are posting a new challenge to go with it.
8. Stories, no matter how short, should be posted behind a cut with the heading information showing.
9. Challenges should be vague enough that anyone, no matter what their personal squicks, can answer it. For example: You cannot post a challenge to write a hot sex scene since not everyone is comfortable with that. However you can post a challenge to write about physical expressions of love, or to write about what you are passionate about, since both of those can be interpreted in a variety of ways.
10. Everyone who responds to all of the challenges with a minimum 100 word response in a six month period will receive an award graphic to display on your livejournal.

Heading for story
Challenge Name:
Story Title: (please include Part # of ## if the entire story is not going up at the same time.)
Author: (pen name, LJ name, whatever)
Universe: (original, LOTR, Sentinel, Poltergeist, etc.)
Characters: (Main one(s) at least)
Rating: (Adult, Family)
Summary: As I personally suck at summaries I am leaving this open to author's discretion.
Disclaimer/Warnings: These characters belong to... Hurt/No Comfort, Graphic Het, Slash, Erotic, Bondage, Torture, Rape, Real Person, Extreme Mush, etc...