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Hello, all.

Just letting you know that I went through all the chellenges tonight that I have missed over the months, and made a big list, to see what I'll do. I'll soon be getting ym Macintosh back, with the new modem! So thsi means I can actually post, come the end of December/January. I'm very excited; with school and all I really didn't have time anyway, but with the new modem and the fact next semester starts my Creative Writing class, I'll be ready to do more with this community!

So, with list in hand, I am going to see what I can do to fulfill these challenges I've missed. They are all wonderful! You doods are so creative, it kills me :P

Anyway, just letting you know I'm not dead, nor am I going to leave like the late barbary_coast. *salutes to her*

I didn't read any of your fics, though. I'll do that once break comes along.
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