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Challenge: Two

Hurray! It lives again!!! And with the lure of a shiny new graphic, how can I resist?

Title: Last Tango
Author: Cyloran
Challenge: Two
Word Count: 375
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Original fiction (and yes, I do write them sometimes)

"Alright. Ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Excellent!" The Instructor clapped his hands together. Clap-off. Clapp-on! Music filled the studio. His cool, dry hands reached for hers, slender and slick with sweat. "No need to be nervous."

"I’m not nervous," she replied in a voice she hoped sounded confident. Except for that annoying telltale treble.

"Let's begin, then, shall we?" A toothy smile, the kind that could be seen from the ionosphere, but without a drop of sincerity. "And!" With a practice snap of his arms, he jerked her so that she was pressed close against him. "One, two, three –"


He seemed not to have heard her as he wrestled her across the gleaming wood of the dance floor. "One, two, three, one, two, three. That's almost got it! And, one, two –"

"OW! Dammit!"

"Language, please, madam. You must keep your feet a mere hairs' breadth from mine. Not under them." As he spoke, he pulled and dragged her in time to the fiery tango music that blared from the K-mart-Special boom box. "You must feel the heat of the dance! The fire in your soul! Be sultry but glide . . . glide . . . one, two, three, DIP—"

He flung her backward, lowering her to the floor so suddenly that the sound of her head striking the wood could be heard over the music.

"Excellent! Very good posture. Nicely submissive." He exclaimed as he jerked her back up and into his arms. "You're finally getting it!"

Panting, the room reeling, all she could see were stares and stripes and the Instructor's glittering, $435 smile.

"Annnnnd, one, two, three, one, two, three, feel the music, two, three —"


"Don't be discouraged, madam. You're doing beautifully," he condescended. "A diamond in the rough. I told you I could make a dancer of you!"

"Oh yeah?" she managed through gritted teeth.

"Absolutely! Now for the finale! One, two, three –" His eyes flew wide as sudden explosion of pain ignited his most private parts. With a high, girlish shriek, he cupped his wounded pride and dropped to his knees.

"If that's the way you make a dancer out of me, then that's how I can make a girl out of you!"
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