peter (peter_neverland) wrote in plot_bunny_inc,

It lives!!!!

After two years of inactivity I have been prodded to reanimate this community. Actually I've done some revamping as well. There are some changes in the rules that I think will be good for keeping the ball rolling. While things are still open for people to post challenges you no longer have to wait to be tagged to do so. As the mod I am going to post a challenge every other Saturday and than anyone who has answered at least one challenge in the past two months can post a challenge as well. There is still no time limit on challenges. I have added a bit of a competition though. If you respond to all of the challenges in a six month period you will receive a fun winners graphic that you can post on your journal. If you post a challenge you have to post your response at the same time, which insures at least one post for every challenge and will also be a nice reference for the rest of us. As the mod I am going to try really hard to do this, but if there is a week I slip I will still at least post the challenge. I hope everyone is in the mood to write and that this can be a lot of fun. My first challenge and response will shortly follow.
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