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Since I won't be around to post this on the deadline, I have decided to post it now. :)

Challenge Name: TIme
Story Title: Solitude
Author: Jen
Universe: Earth...?
Characters: Narrator, dead bodies
Rating: R
Summary: A young man has a limited amount of time to conceal his horrible secret.
Disclaimer/Warnings: Dead people, dead things, bad smells...

He checks his watch for the third time.
It's been forty-three minutes since he began his digging.
The ground is frozen solid. His muscles burn and despite the bitter cold outside, his sweat is dripping into the fresh-fallen snow.

A black garbage bag lays next to the hole he is digging. It's ripped on one side and is leaking blood.
The contrast red on white is beautiful.

He can feel eyes watching him. He looks up to the sky and sees birds and snowflakes. He looks behind him, no one.
He must finish.

The blood on his hands has dried and started rubbing off on the shovel handle. He stops to wipe his forehead and leaves a trail of blood across his brow.

He hears barking in the distance.
He knows they've got a scent, which makes him dig faster.
Finally, the hole is big enough for the bag. He picks it up and throws it in. He begins covering the hole with the frozen ground and as much snow as he can find.

When the hole is completely covered, he begins trudging into the snowy woods. The dogs are at least 500 yards away from him. He can see them off in the distance. He begins to pick up the pace, sinking deeper into the virginal white snow as he leaves a trail of his victims' blood behind him.
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