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Hi, everyone! I'm new (obviously), and I'm a born-again writer!
I'm glad to be a part of this community, and I post this story with pride...
I welcome all comments, but please, be gentle.
I bruise like a peach.

Challenge Name: Trivial Past Plot
Story Title: The Bubonic Plague
Author: Jen
Universe: original
Characters: Gwendolyn, Robert, Father O'Leary
Rating: R
Summary: A priest learns that this is no beauty mark.
Disclaimer/Warnings: This is kind of gross and sexual, so be warned, kiddies.

Gwendolyn looked on at her husband.
So young, so beautiful. So very bloody, indeed.
The black sores on his body had begun to burst open and now pus was oozing everywhere. She had wanted to come to his aid, but Father had warned her not to.

"My child, it's his time," Father O'Leary had said, holding Gwendolyn in his arms as feeling the curves of her womanly body, the thickness of her blonde hair, and the gentle moans she made as she sobbed on his shoulder.

"Father, I need guidance. My husband will die. I have beared no children. I will have no man in my life. Shall I join the nunnery?"

"My child, do not think such things." He ran his fingers through her hair and placed his hand on her shoulder. "The Lord shall provide."

Gwendolyn nodded and left the church.
Father sighed deeply and crossed himself.
He must not think such things of such a lovely, young... beautiful lady.
He must not think of bedding her, touching her smooth skin, making her writhe and moan in ecstacy...
He quickly went to his quarters and said a rosary.

As Gwendolyn sat at Robert's bedside, she thought of what Father had said. God has always provided for her. Robert had a wonderful job at the market, and although they had no children, they had much more money for them to spend on themselves. The roof had been rethatched, she bought a lovely pink frock, and they dined on roast suckling pig at least once a week.

What will she do without him?

She felt a pain in her heart just as Father walked through the door.

"My child, how is everything?"

Gwendolyn sniffled. "Well, Father, I've been thinking about what you said." She stood up to face him. "Robert doesn't have much time left, so I decided to join the nunnery. I would like to thank God for all of the blessings He has provided for me."

Father felt the color drain out of his face. He had to convince her not to become a nun. The feelings he felt for her... it was the reason why he had come to her house in the first place.

"Gwendolyn, I beseech you, please do not join the nunnery. It's simply not the right place for you!"

"But Father!" Gwendolyn interrupted. "I want to thank God for all of His blessings! I want to be one with the Lord! I want to live in peace and love with Him for the rest of my days!" She grabbed his cloak and looked in his eyes. "It is the only way."

"Gwendolyn, I beg of you!" Father pleaded. "Please do not do it! I beg of you, my child! It is not the life He intended for you!"

Gwendolyn looked at Father with wide eyes. "Father, I cannot believe you would say this to me. You, a man of the cloth! What would make you say such blasphemous things?"

Father looked away in shame. "I do not know how to tell you this, my child..."

Gwendolyn tried to look him in the eyes. "What is it, Father?"

"I... have feelings for you, Gwendolyn. Strong feelings. Whenever I see you, I experience these carnal urges that cannot be denied. I wish to bed you, but seeing as how you are married and I am a man of the cloth, it seemed impossible."

"Father!" Gwendolyn stepped back. "You mean to say that you are in love with me?"

Father looked at her quizzically. "In love?" he asked. "No, dear Gwendolyn, I just want to bed you. I care not of courting you."

Robert gasped and started choking. Gwendolyn rushed to his bedside, just in time for him to breathe his last breath. She took his lifeless hand and pressed it against her tear-soaked cheek. She looked up at the lustful clergyman and pursed her lips.

"Father, see to it that you come back again this evening. I wish to bed you."

Father cleared his throat. "I shall see to it, my dear." He left the widow in peace.

Gwendolyn looked at her dead husband and started to tear up. The man that she loved was dead, and now, a man she trusted admitted to her that he wanted to sleep with her. She was completely crushed at the thought as she began to undress.

As she took off her housecoat, she thought of the perfect way to teach that lustful priest a lesson.
Her hands ran down her stomach and over some black spots around her belly button.
She had caught the plague from Robert, she knew, but the only way to punish Father O'Leary was to make him pay for his lustful actions.

She grabbed some light colored dirt and mixed it with water until it formed a colored paste.

She rubbed it on the black spots until they disappeared completely.

She finished dressing just in time to hear a knock on her door.

And that, children, is the story of the very first STD.
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