Neon Tapir Wonder Durf of Justice (tangentier) wrote in plot_bunny_inc,
Neon Tapir Wonder Durf of Justice

Challenge: Living in the Past

As we look forward to another year, let us cast our eyes at the past we leave behind.

Your challenge is to set your story in the past and feature a plot complication that would be trivial to solve in the present. Maybe your characters need to cut Grampa's rotten tooth out without killing him. Perhaps your female lead needs to talk to a strange man without the consent of her husband. Or, maybe your marooned crew wonders what to do when their portable force fields start acting up on a strange planet and they have to make due with pressure suits. Have fun!

On January 14th, it'll be gmork7's turn.
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That is an awesome challenge. My plot bunnies have definitely been stired up. Now if I can just get my family to leave me alone long enough to write. Holidays are always the hardest time to be able to find time for yourself.
Does this mean I need to write for this challenge, or that on the 14th it'll be my turn to issue a new challenge, or both?