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How do you really feel?

As a challenge has not been issued for these next two weeks I will fill in.

Heading for posting challenge: How do you really feel?
Date of next Challenge: December 29th
Name of next Victim: tangentier *Welcome again!*

Write about a character that admits to one emotion but is really feeling a different one. Naturally, you don't want to tell us what the hidden emotion is - the character may not even realise what it is themselves, or may be trying to deny it. People often lie to themselves about what they're really feeling, especially for pairs like fear and anger - almost nobody likes to admit that they're afraid. Some common pairs could be: fear and anger, anger and hatred, fear and shame, passion and love, loneliness and despair, or even love and hate.

In case anyone is wondering, yes I stole this one, but I really liked it so you have to do it anyway. *smiles*
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I'm so sorry, rawly and everyone! I was in London for the ROTK premiere and it slipped my mind! Damn.


But thank you so much for stepping in and posting a challenge in my absence. I promise not to do it again...

*slaps forehead*
Of course we will forgive you. There is no question that ROTK premiere takes precedence over almost everything else. I hope you had a wonderful time!
I did. But it was a bit hectic and a few things (like this challenge) slipped my mind. I like yours very much, by the way, and it may well be my first post on this group, if I can wrestle my plot bunny into it's word cage.