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Sunday, May 21st, 2006
7:48 pm

Still not updating every weekend, but I'll work on that. In the meantime the challenge for this weekend comes from a discussion SuziQ and I have been having off and on all week. The challenge this week is 'Conflict'.

SuziQ and I are working on the last challenge together so it is taking a bit longer but I hope worth the wait.

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Sunday, May 7th, 2006
8:29 am

Have you ever had one of those days where you just did not want to be at home? That was me yesterday. I did have an idea for a challenge but was trying to wait until I had the story written. It's not done yet, but I'm hoping to have it done by this afternoon. I am also thinking about changing the rules to give me the whole weekend the post the challenge and to do this every week instead of every other week. So, without any further ado this week's challenge is to write a story that is inspired by this picture.

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Monday, April 24th, 2006
8:06 am - Challenge: Two

Hurray! It lives again!!! And with the lure of a shiny new graphic, how can I resist?

Title: Last Tango
Author: Cyloran
Challenge: Two
Word Count: 375
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Original fiction (and yes, I do write them sometimes)

Last Tango. One, two, three, DIP!Collapse )

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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
9:21 pm - Challenge: Two

Two Hours
Challenge Name: Two. Since it has been almost two years since the last active post I figured this was appropriate
Story Title: Two hours ‘til freedom
Author: Peter
Universe: Welcome to the world in which I live
Characters: Me and SuziQ
Rating: Family
Summary: Based on actual emails exchanged between me and my roommate at work.
Disclaimer/Warnings: Torture (but nothing unfit for children)

Two hoursCollapse )

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9:16 pm - It lives!!!!

After two years of inactivity I have been prodded to reanimate this community. Actually I've done some revamping as well. There are some changes in the rules that I think will be good for keeping the ball rolling. While things are still open for people to post challenges you no longer have to wait to be tagged to do so. As the mod I am going to post a challenge every other Saturday and than anyone who has answered at least one challenge in the past two months can post a challenge as well. There is still no time limit on challenges. I have added a bit of a competition though. If you respond to all of the challenges in a six month period you will receive a fun winners graphic that you can post on your journal. If you post a challenge you have to post your response at the same time, which insures at least one post for every challenge and will also be a nice reference for the rest of us. As the mod I am going to try really hard to do this, but if there is a week I slip I will still at least post the challenge. I hope everyone is in the mood to write and that this can be a lot of fun. My first challenge and response will shortly follow.

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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
10:57 am - Ficlet: Future Past

Title: Future Past
Author: C.G. Lynn
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Original fiction. Mine all mine.
Challenge: Summertime
Words: 346

Future PastCollapse )

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
3:31 pm - Title: Dreaming of Summer

Author: Rawly
Fandom: Sentinel
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: All things Sentinel belong to PetFly. The rest of us just stand out in the cold and drool.
Challenge: Summer

"Good Morning folks, this is Fisher in the Morning on KIST Radio and it looks like we are in for another good soaking today. For all you people who love the rain I have good news, there is no end in sight. The forecast for the next week is rain, rain, rain and rain. Twenty-eight days of straight rain so far. Looks like we stand a good chance at breaking the record for the most days without seeing the sun..."

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
11:34 pm - New Challenge!

Hmmmmm. It's quiet. Almost, tooooooo quiet.

I have permission from the mod to post a new challenge. So if anyone's still out there, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a drabble/ficlet/story/poem/whatever on or about the good ole summertime.

Happy August, folks!

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004
12:30 am - elf-fic!

story title: none
Challenge: pet-peeves
rating: PG-13
characters: Verence and Hayden are characters from another much larger work, and so some things may not seem well-explained or may be left without any explanation at all. I've been doing a lot more with Verence these days and he keeps getting closer and closer to my heart. Since he's so damn fiesty all the time, he has plenty of pet-peeves.
universe: my own. This takes place in an inn, Pithi-cun, in a typical harbor city called Troutport.
warnings/disclaimers: suggestive slash. If you steal these characters or any ideas therein, I shall kill you. They are precious to me.
summary: just an average day at the inn, until an old friend drops by.

Read it.Collapse )

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Saturday, June 5th, 2004
4:42 am - My Name Is Paradise

title: My Name Is Paradise
Challenge: Anticipation
fandom: POTC
setting: Meduga Bay, 31 nautical miles off Port Royal
rating NC-17
summary: Jack and Will set off through Meduga Bay and end up sharing more than they bargained for.
***For arctic_silence***

Read itCollapse )

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Friday, May 28th, 2004
6:08 pm - The Violinist

title: The Violinist
Challenge: Music
rating: G
disclaimer/warnings: Characters based on people I know; names changed.

Her name was Elise. She'd been playing since she was six, after her mother pushed her to take up an orchestral instrument. In the end, her mother had also picked the instrument, driven her to every lesson, been to every performance, and encouraged her every practice session.

Read more...Collapse )

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4:53 pm - Firelight Musings

title: Firelight Musings
Challenge: the Sea
rating: G
world: Tolkien's
decription: The Three Hunters are resting from the chase during TTT. Legolas' mind is in unrest.

They sit by the fire, taking in every flare, every curve of the billowing flames perhaps trying to understand its rhythm, or perhaps trying to run away. Little do they know that no solace can be found in those flames; the rhythm is erratic and unstable. I know, for I live these flames, the leaves of the trees, the chill of the morning every moment of my life. Such are the ways of my people. Such are the ways of the immortal.

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Thursday, February 5th, 2004
7:18 pm - The dead man blinked twice

I've got a plot bunny. Nothing to do with the challenges, but as this is the plot bunny grazing ground, I thought this was probably the place to air it. Or let it feed, or take it for a walk, or whatever you do with bunnies. Probably breed them, actually ;)

Ahem. Anyway, I'll introduce my bunny. Fluffy, come meet the other bunnies, and play nice!

Just kidding. Actually, my plot bunny is something of a doombunny. We've just been given the deadline for entries for the school short story competition, and I want to try my hand at horror.

So here's a bit of my bunny:

"The desert sun beat down on the dead man’s face as he lay, grinning, in the sand. The rotting flesh of his lips was stretched, leathery, over his yellow teeth, and the blackening shreds of his tattered throat rustled in the sultry wind. The stubble and skin of one cheek were scraped ragged over the white, splintered bone, and his eyes were milky with rot and putrefaction.

Grinning up at the sun, the dead man blinked twice."

Please just tell me if this opening is even mildly scary. Because if it isn't, the rest of it won't amount to much at all!

I'll post the rest when I've written some more, but I need reassurance that it's worth continuing!


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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
10:18 pm

Sorry I'm late everyone!
It's been a rough week.

Hrm... let's see.
I feel like a bit of fun, so I challenge all of you to write about


Just because.
Enjoy! <3

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Saturday, January 31st, 2004
11:48 pm - Challenge

Since I won't be around to post this on the deadline, I have decided to post it now. :)

Challenge Name: TIme
Story Title: Solitude
Author: Jen
Universe: Earth...?
Characters: Narrator, dead bodies
Rating: R
Summary: A young man has a limited amount of time to conceal his horrible secret.
Disclaimer/Warnings: Dead people, dead things, bad smells...

SolitudeCollapse )

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Friday, January 23rd, 2004
10:01 pm - The Price of Forgiveness

Challenge Name: Death
Story Title: The Price of Forgiveness
Author: Rawly
Universe: Sentinel
Characters: Blair Sandburg
Rating: PG
Summary: Blair finds himself dead.
Disclaimer/Warnings: Character death... sort of. These characters are lovingly borrowed from PetFly’s ‘The Sentinel’ and will be carefully returned to the toy box when I am through.
Special thanks to Pam, debraC, Sara, WoD, Caro, Anne, ShayAlyce, chairchick and the entire Sen_beta list for their wonderful words of wisdom.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
3:37 pm - Marathon man ("time" challenge)

In the valley below, Aurm ran. Left, right, left, right, breath.

Pel coughed again, wincing with each dry hack. Lara held her head, stroking her light, matted hair. She didn't dare wash Pel with this chill in the air. The fever was strong, and it needed no help! When Pel finished, Lara wiped away the crismon spatter with a rabbit fur, and looked to the horizon.

Down below in the valley, Aurm ran. Left, right, left, right, breath.

Kreeta watched the horizon, too. The mountains were bathed in a cold orange light. Firewood parties returned, and the gatherers sifted through the autumn berries. The cold wind blew softly, numbing his cheeks. In the long shadows, each far off, swaying tree was Aurm. Poor boy! He looked back at Tor, but Tor just looked away, ashamed.

Through the trees, Aurm ran. Left, right, left, dodge the root!, right, breath.

Kreeta heard fair Kila striking flint to start the evening bonfire. Her dear husband Faji felled a deer just after midday, and Kila had gathered some earth-fruit and plants. He smiled just thinking of her savory cooking. He just hoped the feast would become a celebration.

In the dusk, Aurm ran. Left, right, trip, thud.

Strange; it had been day just a moment ago. The starshine was dim, and he barely made out the treeline maybe an hour's walk ahead. The north wind gnawed at his scalp, and his leg throbbed. He wiped the sweat clear, and came away with caked blood. He applied some grama and then ate some dried meat, washed down with a little water from the creek far behind him. He still had enough to save his mentor, along with the other plants she asked him to get.

He shivered in his day clothes. He had travelled lightly, hoping to be back before dark. Kreeta would be worried, doubly since Tor had to return after twisting his ankle. He began checking dead tree trunks, looking for dry wood.

He sensed something in the woods ahead, though he caught a whisper of a breath. Aurm forgot about firewood. Now, he needed a strong sapling!

* * *

Lara took the bowl from Kreeta. The deer meat was good, served on a bed of greens. The blood tasted healthy, speaking to Lara of warm air and good living. Pel had downed a few sips of her spirit animal's blood, but soon fell asleep. Pel's breath was deep now. Her spirit was readying itself for the greatest journey.

Kreeta placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. She had watched him snap a cougar's neck with those hands, but today they were warm and sensual. Their son Greem wrestled while she braided her auburn hair. He struggled with Aurm's brother Balta.

"They are like brothers," she said, cuddling up to Kreeta.
"Yes," he said.
"Pel needs Aurm to return soon, if she is to remain with us."
Balta flipped Greem from underneath and pinned him. The boys cheered.
"Like Balta, Aurm will come through," Kreeta replied.

* * *

The cougar skirted the clearing. Aurm watched the cougar warily. He had been unable to find a sapling thin enough or strong enough to help him here, and Aurm had given his spear to Tor to lighten his load. The cougar's tail swished back and forth slowly. He had to make a stand.

The cougar slowly approached, one paw in front of the other. It seemed as big as Kreeta, though Aurm knew it was really about his size. He straightened up, doing his best not to sway so much. He must appear strong. He hefted his ax, checking the stone blade with his thumb. He winced and lost his footing when he stood full upright; the leg he fell on was still very sore. The cougar's back legs began to pump.

He regained his feet before the cougar pounced. He rolled out of the way, swinging his ax behind him. If it hit, it was a glancing blow at best. The cougar had whirled around to face him. He screamed at the cougar and swung at its nose with the ax. The cougar stepped aside, and lept onto him.

Aurm elbowed its throat as he fell, holding it at bay while he gouged the eyes. He pummeled it as tiny knives raked his skin. He finally got his good leg under the beast and kicked it off. The cougar back away, blood tricking from its eye. Aurm heaved a rock at the killer, struck it in the head, and it trotted off, growling.

He stared up at the stars, struggling to catch his breath.

* * *

Kreeta slept with Yara tonight. Lana was keeping vigil over Pel this evening, and it seemed like a good time. Alas, the young girl-child was trembling, so he soothed her with his gentle crooning. Yara had been initiated, but she was not ready. He felt bad for her, with his thoughts wandering to Aurm instead of focusing on this most important day. He should have waited. He had planned to favor Tor with her, but with Tor's disgrace yesterday, Tor would have to wait until Veli was initiated next season.

Not that he blamed Tor. Aurm was a capable hunter, light of foot and heart, dark hair like his late father. I'm sure the boy talked Tor into leaving him, and really, Aurm was right. Pel needed that medicine, fast.

He let Yara return to her family. He would lead the search party at first light. Tor's ankle still needed a day or two to heel, but Nomo was able and ready. And Faji, of course. Faji was shaping up to be a good tribal leader. He drifted to sleep, hoping Aurm would survive to become his healer.

* * *

He felt the cougar return before he could even hear it. The light of the stars shown bright now, and he could easily see it pacing in the woods. This time, it beckoned with its paw. He arose, grabbing the medicine pouch, trotting off after it. It lept from rock to rock, skipping over branches and roots as it ran. Aurm kept pace, watching it glide from stone to stone between the trees. He too, streaked through the wilderness to the edge of the forest.

He saw his camp ahead. Nomo rose the alarm, and he held the pouch high over his head. He roared in victory, then dashed through the tundra between, urged on by tribal drums and cheers. Kila ran to start some water boiling on the dying coals.

Surrounded by onlookers, Aurm quickly prepared the special tea with Kila's water. He gave it to Pel, then collapsed.

* * *

When he next awoke, it was Pel tending to him. He had cloth wound around his sides and a poultice on his head. The color had returned to her face.

"You did well, Aurm. I'm proud."
"Thank you."

Aurm quickly recovered. He told no one of his wound until his grandchildren begged him one day for a story...

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Friday, January 16th, 2004
8:32 pm - Heylo everyone

Hiya folks, I'm new too. I was working on a story for another challenge, but I saw this one and decided to do a Blue Peter...in other words, here's one I made earlier. In my next one I'll include my full personal introduction, but I thought I'd better get something posted before I fade into nonexistance...

Title: Mercy
Challenge: Time (a little convoluted, but you should get what I mean.)
Universe: You know, I'm not quite sure. Like ours, but not. Think African savannah and that's all you need to know.
Characters: Two doctors, a girl, a woman and a snake.
Disclaimer: Mine, all mine.
Rating: Well, it's disturbing, so I'd reckon a PG-13, roughly.

Here goes!

textCollapse )

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1:07 pm - Getting Behind

These last few months have been more than a little hectic for me and I fear I have been slacking on my mod job. My brother gets married tomorrow and after that I have a clear schedule again. Halleluiah!

Okay, so once again I am going to fill in and post a challenge for the next two weeks.

Date of next Challenge: Jan 31st
Name of next Victim: I am going to welcome our new member in properly by choosing knaughtykoolaid.
Challenge: Time.

This challenge can be approached several different ways. Off the top of my head I can think of two.
First, you can write a story where the characters are struggling with time issues: Not enough time... endlessly waiting for something... even some sort of time travel if you are so inclined.
The Second approach you can make is by manipulating time itself in your story. Do not tell the story in linear time but bounce back and forth from past to present to past to future... etc.

Again I apologize for being out of touch for so long.

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10:38 am - The old storage shed (past problems challenge)

The old storage shed wasn't much to look at in the dusk halflight. Lt. Le Salle had crammed a few dozen refugees into it amongst the gardening supplies. Already the air was muggy, but they daren't open a window. It was impossibly dusty, too, with an earthy, vinegary smell.

He took the kids off to the side. "Look, kids, for this to work, you all have to be very quiet, even if you hear gunshots, even if there is a fire. Your relatives over there" -- gesturing at the emaciated men and women feasting on bread and wine (one of the advantages to hiding on a vineyard) -- "they have bags of sand. If the Germans try to set the place on fire, we will be safe and make it look like there is no one here. Do you understand? Not a peep! Those are the rules of the game. There's a prize if you win." The kids nodded and he dismissed them to enjoy their bread and grapes.

Minutes passed. After a few false starts, the kids settled down and enoyed some whispered stories of sunny days before the Nazis invaded. As they slept, in the darkness, Le Salle heard his men settling down for the night. The worst part of the ordeal was the faint smell of Moreau's stew over the aroma of fresh dirt and wine stomping buckets.

He thought back on the railroad crossing, how the prisoners had intermingled with the refugees. He thought about his two men in disguise within the group, and how Martin flushed out the German spy. Things were going well. He wished Molly could be there to see him, but she'd be terrified if she knew what terrible danger her brother was in.

Sometime around midnight, a young woman approached him. "So, we are just supposed to sit here?", she whispered.

"Yes. Many of my men are camped some distance away. Our sentries look like they are guarding the other camp, and that they happen to be stationed near the shed, you know, for cover."

"I see."

"If the Germans attack, they will retreat to the camp and leave the shed unguarded. It's locked and looks abandoned. They should leave it alone, concentrating on the main camp. Sgt. Bernard is an able soldier; the camp is in good hands."

They chatted for a bit, then she withdrew. Perhaps half and hour later, he caught her trying to open a window, which had been sealed shut. With a sigh, he quietly dispatched her. He had suspected someone of leaving a trail; his men had reported that the refugees were unusually clumbsy with their possessions. Thinking back, he was certain it was her.

Since then, things had been uneventful. Only two more days to the French Mediterranean and freedom. He sat up to quiet a snoring man, but his wife swiftly took care of it. She shrugged at him.

Le Salle was left to wonder why the Americans sent in experts like him rather than the real troops. He knew they didn't want to become involved, but there was little he could do except Indian-style raids. Hitting that concentration camp had been risky, but worth it. The Germans had only pursued them this far to make an example of them. Or maybe they had figured out who some of the 'refugees' were.

A twig snapped and he instantly became alert. Dozens of fearful eyes flew open and stared at him in the dim moonlight, which oozed through the shed's grim-covered windows. He barely heard quiet footsteps skimming between the bushes -- Durant, no doubt. Then, a struggle. He fought his instincts to run and help; the others noticed his silent quivering.

Someone discreetly tried the door. Durant had lost.

"Allo?", the voice said in Deutsch-tainted French. Little Thomas was about to answer -- bless his heart! -- but Richard, a brave boy of six and two years his senior, reminded him silently about the promised candy. Thomas held his tongue. The steps receeded toward the camp. Thomas reminded him a bit of Jimmy, his nephew.

The shooting started soon afterward. To his relief, it turned out that Durant hadn't been killed. Le Salle heard his distinctive battle-cry a few moments later. He had allowed the German to think he'd been taken out, waited for them to advance, then he and his men sprung a ambush from the rear. His German wasn't perfect, but the refugees' smiles confirmed that Durant had done some real damage.

Gutsy move, Le Salle thought. He was going to recommend Durant for officer's school after he beat him for taking such a stupid risk.

The Germans played their parts beautifully. As he'd suspected, a torch broke the window and poked through. Damp rage covering their mouths, they gently took it and burned a trellis in front of the window. It must have looked enough like a large blaze was going on inside, at least until the troops had well past.

By dawn, his men emerged victorious. He'd chosen this spot because it was easily defended, and because of the hills, the Germans could do little but send in infantry. The grapevines and orchards beyond made for excellent cover.

He doled out the peppermints as promised.

Over the next couple of days, Le Salle brought the refugees to the shore and they took boats to safety. His mission brought two crucial scientists to America and saved dozens of lives. He was decorated for his efforts, and ended up being elected to Congress.

Ed. Note: When the Second Civil War broke out some eighty years later, Le Salle's remembered his grandpa's story and tried the same trick in a vineyard in California. He felt that with heat-reflective blankets, they'd be safe from IR goggles. Unfortunately, Coalition forces also had a field terrahertz imager, easily saw through the stone walls and his ruse, and captured his group with minimal fighting.


This was actually a full technicolor dream I had last night. I may revise the story once I've had a chance to think about it, but I wanted to type it up and share this morning.

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
11:16 pm - Hullo!

Hi, everyone! I'm new (obviously), and I'm a born-again writer!
I'm glad to be a part of this community, and I post this story with pride...
I welcome all comments, but please, be gentle.
I bruise like a peach.

Challenge Name: Trivial Past Plot
Story Title: The Bubonic Plague
Author: Jen
Universe: original
Characters: Gwendolyn, Robert, Father O'Leary
Rating: R
Summary: A priest learns that this is no beauty mark.
Disclaimer/Warnings: This is kind of gross and sexual, so be warned, kiddies.

The Bubonic PlagueCollapse )

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Monday, December 29th, 2003
10:01 am - Challenge: Living in the Past

As we look forward to another year, let us cast our eyes at the past we leave behind.

Your challenge is to set your story in the past and feature a plot complication that would be trivial to solve in the present. Maybe your characters need to cut Grampa's rotten tooth out without killing him. Perhaps your female lead needs to talk to a strange man without the consent of her husband. Or, maybe your marooned crew wonders what to do when their portable force fields start acting up on a strange planet and they have to make due with pressure suits. Have fun!

On January 14th, it'll be gmork7's turn.

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
4:21 pm - Wedding Present

Title: Wedding Present
Author: Tangentier
Challenge: How do you really feel?
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Universe: One much like our own

Wedding Present (1600 words)Collapse )

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Monday, December 15th, 2003
6:41 pm - How do you really feel?

As a challenge has not been issued for these next two weeks I will fill in.

Heading for posting challenge: How do you really feel?
Date of next Challenge: December 29th
Name of next Victim: tangentier *Welcome again!*

Write about a character that admits to one emotion but is really feeling a different one. Naturally, you don't want to tell us what the hidden emotion is - the character may not even realise what it is themselves, or may be trying to deny it. People often lie to themselves about what they're really feeling, especially for pairs like fear and anger - almost nobody likes to admit that they're afraid. Some common pairs could be: fear and anger, anger and hatred, fear and shame, passion and love, loneliness and despair, or even love and hate.

In case anyone is wondering, yes I stole this one, but I really liked it so you have to do it anyway. *smiles*

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
12:42 pm - Breathe

Title: Breathe
Author: Rawly
Challenge: Anticipation
Warnings: None
Ratings: G
Universe: The crazy one I grew up in

Read more...Collapse )

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
10:57 pm - Hello, all.

Just letting you know that I went through all the chellenges tonight that I have missed over the months, and made a big list, to see what I'll do. I'll soon be getting ym Macintosh back, with the new modem! So thsi means I can actually post, come the end of December/January. I'm very excited; with school and all I really didn't have time anyway, but with the new modem and the fact next semester starts my Creative Writing class, I'll be ready to do more with this community!

So, with list in hand, I am going to see what I can do to fulfill these challenges I've missed. They are all wonderful! You doods are so creative, it kills me :P

Anyway, just letting you know I'm not dead, nor am I going to leave like the late barbary_coast. *salutes to her*

I didn't read any of your fics, though. I'll do that once break comes along.

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Thursday, December 4th, 2003
12:09 am - Greetings, and a story

Hi. I'm Chuck. I'm new. True story. Oh, and the prose below? That's true too.

Title: Send
Author: Chuck Durfee
Rating: G
Universe: Ours.
Challenge: Anticipation
Disclaimer: I should have done things differently.

Send.Collapse )

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Sunday, November 30th, 2003
1:38 pm - Next Challenge

bunnyfoo bunnyfoo bunnyfoo bunnyfoo

My turn to post the next challenge, eh? Well, then. Since most folks look forward to the Holidays and since I personally am more than a bit anxious to see Return of the King, my challenge to the community is Anticipation. Have fun, and Happy Holidays!

Next Challege: December 13
Next Challenger: Kisahawklin (Tag, you're it!)

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2003
7:35 am - Giving Thanks

Author: C.G. Lynn
Rating: G
Universe: Original
Challenge: Giving Thanks
Disclaimer: None. Mine all mine.

Giving ThanksCollapse )

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Monday, November 17th, 2003
6:13 pm - In search of more challenges....

Yes, sadly, I have not met a single challenge so far, but life is not yet over. In the meantime, here's the new challenge....Giving Thanks. Appropriate, don't you think? Have fun...

Next time...challenger is Cyloran....*huggles*

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